We were @tate #tatemodern to see the Turbine Hall Commission Anicka Yi: In Love With The World So beautiful, mesmerising and tho…

We were @tate #tatemodern to see the Turbine Hall Commission Anicka Yi: In Love With The World
So beautiful, mesmerising and thought provoking ❤️❤️❤️
Official gallery website text (shortened): Anicka Yi offers a vision of a new ecosystem within the Turbine Hall. Yi’s installation populates the space with machines once again. Floating in the air, they prompt us to think about new ways machines might inhabit the world.
At the start of the project, Yi asked herself what a ‘natural history of machines’ could look and feel like. She imagined machines evolving to become living creatures. Yi calls these machines aerobes, and based their shapes on ocean life forms and mushrooms. The hairy, bulbous aerobes are planulae. The aerobes with tentacles are xenojellies (xenos is Greek for foreigner or stranger). Combining forms of aquatic and terrestrial life, Yi’s aerobes signal new possibilities of hybrid machine species.
Through her aerobes, Yi asks us to consider our conception of intelligence. As the rapid development of Artifical Intelligence continues, she asks why intelligence is often exclusively linked to the brain.
A team of specialists developed autonomous versions of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) to bring Yi’s aerobes to life. UAVs do not require humans to pilot them. Here, they each follow a unique flight path generated from a vast range of options in the system’s software.
This software is called an artificial life program. Scientists use simulations of this kind to study processes of natural life, like evolution and collective behaviour.
The aerobes respond to changes in the environment, including the heat signatures of people nearby. They receive information from electronic sensors placed around the Turbine Hall, which act as stand-ins for their senses. This sensory information affects their individual and group movements, meaning they will behave differently each time you encounter them.
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