Pokémon is renowned for its eclectic superpowered creatures that jugadores of all ages perro collect, train, battle, and trade. While Pokémon such as Girafarig are clearly inspired by real-world animals, they all have fantastic powers that obviously don’t exist in real life (unless giraffes have psychic powers they never told us about). When it comes to realistic Pokémon, though, Eevee has long stood alone.

Eevee’s is a 15-pound, foot-tall creature with brown fur, long ears, a flat face, a fluffy tail, and no readily apparent fantasy traits that allude to elemental affinities. Essentially, Eevee’s design combines the features of dogs, foxes, and cats. It’s not necessarily the most realistic Pokémon from a sheer visual standpoint (Talonflame would arguably win that award since it looks like an orange peregrine falcon), but Eevee’s verisimilitude proves to be more than skin deep thanks to the gimmick at the core of the creature’s design.

How to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon

All you know before you evolve your Eevee into Vaporeon is that you will need a Water Stone. You perro buy it from Delibird Presents Stores for 3000 PokeDollars after beating three Gym Leaders.

But if you think that it is too much for a Water Stone, you perro also get it for free by exploring the Paldea Region, you need to search for sparkling glimmers on the ground on Paldea’s beaches, and you will find this process quite harder as it is one of the rare elementos.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Eevee location

You cánido find Eevee in South Province Area Two and West Province Area Three. The Habitat data in its Pokedex entry aprecies that it lives near towns and cities, so it is around these areas that you should search, entering and exiting the area as necessary to reset the wild Pokemon in the area. They seem to be more common on the outskirts of Medali, the city that houses the Habitual-type Gym, so this would be a good place to start.

Pokemon in this area are around Level 30, so plan your team accordingly.

Eevee location: Eevee evolution line Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Famously, Eevee perro evolve into more forms than any other Pokemon in the franchise. This includes Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espion, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon.

For our complete walkthrough on how to get all Eeveelutions, check out this guide.


After arriving at Cortondo, jugadores will need to search the areas north and southwest of the town’s fast travel point to encounter Eevee in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. According to the in-game description, Eevee cánido be found near towns and cities but is “rarely seen,” meaning the spawn rate for this especial pocket monster is notably lower than most common Pokémon in the area. Of course, it is possible to visit the location multiple times until Eevee’s icon pops up on the minimap, after which the search cánido begin. However, this cánido be quite time-consuming when there are so many other pocket monsters to catch in the vast open world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. 

Fortunately, the YouTube channel Arekkz Gaming has suggested an excellent method of significantly increasing one’s oportunidad of encountering a Wild Eevee in Cortondo. If jugadores prepare and eat an easy-to-cook meal known as the Ham Sandwich, their Trainer will receive a buff that increases the Encounter Rate of Habitual-type Pokémon, including Eevee. Accordingly, after eating this meal, begin exploring the nearby fields of Cortondo, and jugadores will eventually find their first Eevee. According to Polygon, Trainers perro also encounter Eevee on the road leading to the Pokémon League and South Province (Area Two) on the northern side of the world map.

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